Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Things come in Nice Packages

We had some friends come over for a girls night, and one brought this cake. She brought it in such a nice bag, I thought it was something else. The box is also so nice.

So we opened it, and it is a cake roll. There were two. One had a honey sauce, while the other had more of a fruit sauce. They were delicious.

What surprised me the most, was that it came with it's own knife!! Fancy smancy.

I know this watermelon is the odd picture in the bunch. It has it's own story. Jared and I went to a Korean mart and saw this yummy watermelon. I picked it up and almost had it in my cart, when the Korean guy chased me down and pulled me back to the melon stand. He insisted that the only proper way to carry the melon was by using this holding device. It took two men to put the melon in it, and I must say, it sure does make carrying a melon easier.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Market Place

At the market place, they have tons of different foods laid out on the street. As you can see, just behind Jared are plates of fish. When you buy food at the market place, you can't buy just one fish, especially if they are grouped together. They give you whatever is on the plate.

They sell LOTS of seafood, any where from sea urchins, crab legs, to frogs!!!!

Here are some more sea delights.

This is usually the scene wherever we go. The fawn over the kids, pull them close, and then touch their hair. This Korean woman was rapidly talking in Korean to Ariana, when Ariana looks up at me with a huge smile, and asks, "What is she saying?" Her guess was just as good as mine!

Emmalee is very shy towards most people, and she usually begs for us to rescue her. Here, Ariana, decided to help her sister.

They sell many different types of vegetables and lay them out. This particular market place went on for over 2 miles, and during our entire walk, only found one stand that sold any sweets. We found a couple more stands that sell fruits. Most sell vegetables, nuts, and fish.

Another picture we saw over and over again are families working together. Her they are peeling the leaves off a head of lettuce, and then pile them up to sell them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Driving in Korea

I remember seeing pictures of bikes and trucks in Mexico and Africa and thinking,"hmmm....I guess I'll never see crazy things like this in real life." Boy was I wrong. Not only do they load up their motorcycles, but also their bikes, trucks, pull wagons, and who knows what else. I have even seen them carry boxes in one hand while driving down the road.

These little vans are everywhere. Jared and I want to buy one and bring it back to the states, but I think they are illegeal there. If we two were to sit in the fron seat together, we would be shoulder to shoulder. They are so cute though.

Here is the Shounguk Expressway. We have to drive this way to get to Daegu.

Off the road you can see the tops of some green houses. These are all along the major roads here in Waegwan. It seems like every piece of land is utilized.

Package from Granny and Grandpa

Patiently waiting to open the packages.

Ariana got another Ariel!!!

Emma got Sleeping Beauty
They both had so much fun opening these boxes!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Okay, so I know this is a little weird to write a post on banana's, but we went shopping at some markets today, and these banana's were so cute, I couldn't help but buy them. These are a lot smaller than in the states, but they taste just the same. I beleive they are grown on minature banana trees.

The bigger ones measure about 5 inches long, while the smaller ones are only about 3 inches long.

Ariana was my demonstrator to show how small the smallest bunch of banana's are.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hanbit Apartments

These are the apartments we live in. They are called the Hanbit Apartments, and everyone knows where they are. What I mean by that is, when we get into a taxi we don't give them our address, we just say the Hanbit apartments and they know exactly where that is. There are 6 or so different buildings and most of them have 18 stories. This picture is not our building but the one across from us. I wanted to show how they got our furniture, including our piano, up to the 13th floor.
They load it on a flat piece of plywood board, which has no sides or railings or anything!!Then they elevator it up to the top. When they delivered our furniture, our mattress was a little stuck coming through the window. Without hesitation, the man jumped out of our window, on to the board, and pushed it through, with NO saftey devices connected to him in case he fell off!!! And to top it all off, we are on the 13th floor!!!
This is the view from our back window balcony. When we step out our apartment building, there are mountain hiking trails within 5 feet. Any outdoor enthuisists dream. There are stone memorials along the trails. I'll be sure to take pictures when I can.

Here is the playground, also visible from our back balcony window. Since taking this picture, they have torn out the playground (I think they are replacing it).