Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ocean time in Busan

Ariana and Emmalee were a little reluctant to get into the water at first.

Walking on the board walk.

Running from the waves.

Emmalee enjoys getting buried in the sand.

Our little mermaids.

Before long, the girls were running into the ocean, fearless!!

Our Hotel at Busan

Instead of a big bed, there were two twin size beds, which were really hard.

We got a personal greeting and a bowl of fruit, which had all miniaturized fruit inside. YUMMY!!
I know this is a weird picture, but I though how interesting that your toiletries would include an emery board, comb, and a sewing kit.

Here they have four hot tubs outside. The girls loved playing in them.

Every day this woman came dressed in a beautiful dress. The girls said she was a princess playing a golden harp. Emmalee was extremley fascinated with her.

Our future harpschordist. Sorry it's sideways.

Eatting at Our Hotel in Busan

We traveled down to Busan and stayed in a 5-star hotel by the beach. Here is some of the food we enjoyed. Emma's favorite color is pink, so that is the color of ice cream she got.

Here is a view from the restaurant looking out on the beach.


It was a Korean style buffet. Here are some food that they served.

Brownies are really yummy, but top them with chocolate garnish and a hint of gold dusting, and it really pulls it's weight in gold!!

Emmalee trying to master the art of using chop sticks. One of my favorite quotes by Miss Piggy is "We don't try to sew with forks, so why would we eat with sewing needles".

Emma's Birthday


Here is a video of the water park.

Ariana loves the water!!

Swimming on Emma's Birthday

We let Emmalee choose what she wanted to do for her birthday, and with a fun waterpark close by, it's no wonder she wanted to go swimming.
With these little rings, these girls are invincible.

They have a kids area by the pool that the girls love!!

Our cute little 3 year old!!!

The girls are regular fish out water!! Emmalee nick names herself "mermaid".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lunch with Friends

We got together with some of the women in the Korean Ward and had lunch. We learned of interesting things about them.

Here is Kwona and Tracey.

Here is some of the food we ate. On the left is Kimchi (which I personally don't like) and on the right is a black bean sauce.

This is a black sauce pasta dish famous here. Not my favorite, but it still tasted good. We all ate out of the same bowl.

Here is another dish we all shared. You take a scoop with the spoon and put some in a small bowl that you have in front of you. It is sweet and sour pork. WAY better than the American version!!!

Here was my table setting. The little bowl on the left was the bowl used to put the pork in, while the bowl on the right (with the chopsticks) was used for the noodles. Just above the noodle bowl is a pepper sauce used to dip the pickled onions and different roots in. Above the peppered sauce bowl is the bowl for the pickled vegetable. Koreans beleive that meals should be balanced, so after having a fried dish, like the sweet and sour pork, they beleive it healthy to eat somthing , well, healthy. I loved the picked vegies (except for the onions, which is why they are still in the bowl). They also give you a wash rag to wash your hands before the meal. We drank some sort of herbal tea and the last bowl, with the spoon upside down, is the black bean sauce, which was also good!!

Here we all are.

New Park

They recently re-did the park where we live. It took them several months, mostly becasue they did EVERYTHING by hand, and I mean everything!! They were on their hands and knees with irons (the kind of irons that you iron your clothes with) making sure the patterns on the ground were perfect.
Once everything was finished, they held a huge ceremony to dedicate the park and to well wish it.

The men that were dedicating it, bowed down, out of show of respect and was served different fruits. I don't understand the entire meaning of this, however, I do know that twice a year Koreans visit their deceased ancestors places of burials and bring food to show that they still remember them and that they are still part of the family.

After the ceremony was over, all the children released their balloons into the sky. It was really neat.