Monday, August 30, 2010

Joseph Laughing

This was too cute not to capture and post right away. We just got done celebrating Emma's birthday, and Ariana was playing with Joseph with a party blower. I think towards the end of the film he was too tired to smile. I love my kids!!! They all play so well together!! make me laugh every time I see this video.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Story time at the library

Today at story time we read about firemen. After storytime we were able to go downstairs and pretend to be firemen.

I would say that Ariana whould have to be the cutest, shortest fireman I have ever seen!!

Random Pictures

A random picture of me in our room.

Ariana was helping me bake some cookies. She put in the the flour and then turned the machine on. Flour went EVERYWHERE!!!

Emmalee and Joseph

Hill 303

Hill 303 is right behind our house. During the Korean war, a bunch of Chinese soldiers took a bunch of American soldiers on a death march. They marched them up this hill, then shot and killed all of them.
Emmalee hiding in a foxhole.

This part of the trail was so steep, they had stairs on the side.

The beginning of the hike.

Yongyeonsa Geungnakjeon

This Buddist Temple was established around 912 in the Silla Dynasty, which is about 57BC~AD935.

1 Week Check-up

This is Doctor Kim, who delivered Joseph. This is one week after his birth. I felt huge next to him. Koreans are really tiny!!

Joseph Everett Lang

He was born March 23,2010 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches

I was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!