Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party

For Christmas Day, we invited a few of our friends over. We had a blast playing games and eatting TONS of food. One of our friends brought over this festive cake.
Everything was edible. YUM yum.

Another one of our friends brought of these beautiful flowers. They smell so good!!

We made this gingerbread man, my first one ever!!

The Night Before Christmas

Leaving out cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

These girls must have been really good girls to receive so many presents.

Cleaning....A Favorite Pasttime

Emmalee loves to help with the dishes.

When we asked the girls to clean their room, we were suprised to find that their version of clean, and ours, was different. They are such hard workers and try so hard, I just had to take a picture.

Random Pictures

Playing with cousins. Look at all those pretty princesses!!
Emmalee drew this picture. It's a picture of her daddy. She was sure to point out that he had two eyes, two hands, and a smiley face.

Riding the train at the airport.

Playing in the yard with Uncle David

The girls had fun burying Uncle David in a pile of leaves.

Then they picked them up and threw them in the back of the truck.

What a big help!!


Our cute little girls.
The Queen of Hearts.

Our pink kitty cat.


They were ready to carve the pumpkin...but once they found out it included taking out all the slimy stuff, they were a little reluctant. I was able to get Emmalee to stick her hand this far in, but that is it!! Ariana didn't even want to get that close.

Our kitty cat.

Dentist Visit

The Girls were really excited to go to their first dentist appointment.

Cool Emmalee...