Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I Love My Girls

First of all, sorry for not keeping updated. I will try to catch up in the next couple of weeks.

Okay, so back to the story: My girls, and why I love them. For Ariana's birthday, she received a duplicate item. So we went to the store to return it and exchange it for something of her choosing. Now the store on base isn't very large, which leaves one aisle for the toys. Now this isle has to have toys for boys and girls of all ages, so there are baby toys, boy toys, learning toys, and you catch my drift. So there is maybe a 3 ft by 4 ft area that interests the girls. So we turn in the toy, get a gift card, and head over to this humble isle. Without even thinking twice, Ariana already knows what she wants, and grabs it from the shelf. I tell her she can pick out another toy (since there was more money on the card). Emmalee is so helpful in trying to help Ariana. She grabs a toy, holds it up for Ariana to see, and says "how bout this Ana, it's blue!!! (which is Ana's favorite color). Then, I am filled with this deep love for my children as Ariana turns to Emma, who is holding this toy for Ariana, and says " Emma, you pick out a toy. What do you want?" As she asks this, she gently guides Emma over to the toy shelf and begins to help Emma find a toy. As I explained to Ariana ahead of time that she can pick out toys for herself, she reminds me to share and be compassionate. She loves her sister so much!! So they picked out a toy for Emma, as she is smiling and says "Oh thank you Ana." I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!