Sunday, August 30, 2009

Count Down to Visit Granny and Grandma

We made these the other day to count down the days until we leave for the states. The girls LOVE tearing a ring off each morning, knowing that they are another day closer to visiting Granny and Grandma Lang.

Happy Father's Day Jared

Happy Father's Day!!

Jared got the king's breakfast. Two eggs over easy, orange cremed cinnamon roll, and sausage links. And breakfast wouldn't be breakfast without a HUGE glass of milk to wash it down with!!

Ariana Turns FOUR

Better late than never; here are pictures of Ariana's Birthday Party!! We had presents set out for her when she woke up.

My mom sent a box of presents for her, so we set them up in front of the webcam so she could open them.

Ariana LOVES to play dress up. This was one of her favorite gifts!! And since her birthday was on a Sunday, I let her wear this outfit to church. EVERYONE knew it was her birthday!!

This cake was made by yours truly. My first castle cake. They loved it!!

All of our friends squeezed into our livingroom. We had burgers and baked fries for dinner.

Here is another outfit Ariana loves (mostly because it is blue, her favorite color).

Opening more presents.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach Time in Pusan

We went down to Pusan for the day and had a great time at the beach. Usually beach day doesn't start in Korea until the end of June, and Koreans don't go to the beach before beach day. So we had the beach almost to ourselves. The girls loved being buried in the sand. The sand here really sticks to you and almost embeds in your skin.

When Koreans go swimming on the beach, they don't go out that far. Jared is on the left, with one of our friends beside him. They were the ONLY ones in the water. That is a Korean swim saftey person on the jetski. They were not allowed to swim past him.

We got to build lots of sand castles. We all had a great time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Seoul Korean LDS Temple

The temple is hidden in a valley, up a hill, and behind ALOT of buildings.

This is the drive that goes up to the temple. Some people park here, making it a very tight squeeze to get through, especially with our durango. We brushed against all those trees you see to the left.

Here is the wonderful, BIG (said in a very sarcastic tone), parking lot. THIS IS IT!!! YOu can see our gray durango parked in the ONE line of parking available at the temple. The other cars parked to the right, are just parked by the curb.

Jared and Ariana in front of the temple. They had a district primary activity this day, so we got free babysitting.


This is us. The landscaping is really pretty!!

Laundry in Korea

Before we came to Korea, I thought, "Hmmm....wouldn't it be lovely to lead a slow paced know like...make EVERYTHING from scratch, hanging up the laundry to dry, walking everywhere..." Until I got here, and actually have to do all of those things (or HAD to, for the most part). Since we got our car, we don't ride our bike (we only have one) to the commissary (uphill both ways) with our bike trailor, fill it up with groceries, make our children walk all the way back home, and make who knows how many trips up the elevator to unload it.

The laundry thing is still the issue. We don't have a dryer in our apartment, and they don't have a laundry mat anywhere in our building or anywhere in Korea (unless we wanted to take it on base), so, when in Korea, do as the Koreans. We hang our laundry to dry. We have learned much from this concept, such as, if you need or want to wear something to church, you should wash it three days before so it has enough time to dry completley and on days that it is humid, you need at least four days. And....if you spill something on it, either you wear it anyways, or you find something else. The girls are also learning to help hang the laundry. Here are some pictures of our laundry situation.

Emmalee was given the task of hanging up the socks.I never knew she was so good at tying knots.